Go paperless

Organizing, storing, safeguarding and having reliable and secure access to large amounts of documents and information has become a complicated challenge for organizations. Keeping paper documents considerably increases the risks of natural deterioration, humidity, fire or pests that can cause partial or total loss of your documents.

Fast, reliable and secure access

Access your documents online, whenever and wherever

Paperless solutions so you can focus on your core business

We simplify processes and reduce internal implementation costs by indexing, classifying and validating your data

Avoid environmental and safety risks

Making your information digital keeps it safe from fire, floods, plagues, theft and the natural degradation of paper

Protect your information and save

Storing paper documents is expensive, time-consuming and unreliable. Digitize and organize all of your documents today and reduce the time and cost of accessing the information your staff needs.


Customized paperless solutions

We offer custom-made solutions. We adapt to your needs so you can focus on your core business.

Document digitization

We take care of everything. Our team of experts carefully handles your information through an ISO 9001-2015 standardized process.

Our technology, your team

Our in-house digitizing solution allows you to implement a bespoke and robust digitization system without ever moving your documents.

Document destruction

Dispose of your documents with our secure certified destruction service.

No paper, no problems

We implement digitization, storage and document destruction solutions for companies that want to increase their productivity at every stage of their value chain.


Go paperless with Digixcan

We digitize, store, and safeguard your valuable information so you can provide controlled access to your team online at any time.
We adapt to your needs
ISO 9001:2015 certification
Certified document destruction